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Launched, June 2019


Motivation of the project

For early life cycle-users, we didn't not know everything about rider in individual level in terms of preferences and attributes. The bare minimum we know is name, email and phone. So we decided using user profile to building up an account ownership, and positive reinforcement to increase perceived account value so that they can have a personalized experience.

So many options and ideas

With so many potential options and elements floating around the mental model of a Profile, how do we sift through the clutter to find which ones make sense to our users. So we ran several processes to understand the industry standard/user's mental model so that we could create a clear framework to decide on the priority.

Based on research and processes, we could be able to create a framework within the pyramid shape of values and goals expressed earlier to decide on the priority of what is shown to the user in the profile page and which order. Core Identity and Secondary Identity management functionality will take the top of the profile. It aligns with established mental models and user expectations.

You can think of the profile as an aggregate of entry points into distinct, focused flows and potentially we will have many contents and ideas by partner teams in the future so we want to ensure that the entire profile builds up towards increasing account value and ownership to our customers, with cohesive and consistent experience.


It has been launched successfully in May 2019. And we see a strong outcome and impact on the accounr ownership!

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Pending publishment due to confidentiality!

Because of the confidential nature of the work, I can't publicly share artifacts from my design process, but I'd be happy to show them to you in person if you'd like.
Feel free to reach out.